Tools and Tricks to Upload Your Videos to YouTube

In YouTube you can either be a viewer or a YouTuber, uploading your own videos, just for fun, or to get your name or business out there. YouTube doesn’t only make uploading your videos easy, but also offers an option to edit your videos. That way, you can start off with better videos to build your following – whether you do it traditionally or buy YouTube views. Using their editor, you’ll end up with a beautiful video and be ready to look for views or buy YouTube views for your channel.

The YouTube video editor is easy to find. When you click the ‘upload’ button, you have the option to edit. To edit more than one, you’ll have to upload one previously, and mark it as private if you don’t want anyone to see it. Just like with any tool, the video editor lets you connect various clips or fragments, change the order, chop a video, and more. When you select a fragment, options appear that let you personalize each piece – the contrast, the lighting, the speed and even the orientation.

But there is more. Each video clip lets you put filters on to alter the photography, like on Instagram, taking away the colors, pixelating it, changing the colors, darkening, etc. You can also regulate the level of audio in each clip or add text or a title and even narrative to the video.

And, you aren’t stuck to using your own videos, but also any video that has a Creative Commons license in order to enhance and better the videos.

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You can make videos out of a slideshow of pictures, as well. Now that we have the video done, the filters and audio, we can make sure that the transitions are smooth. YouTube’s video editor has transition effects that are both simple and more elaborate ones. They’re easy to apply – as easy as dragging and dropping them on the timeline of the video.